As a Professional Dominatrix, I have fine-tuned the craft of BDSM for many years. I have invested heavily in educating myself under some of the best kinksters in Australia. I can come to your space to run workshops or one on one. I am able to teach most forms of BDSM and can tailor learning to your skill levels and needs.
Group Bookings – priced according to travel and class size
1 on 1 training – $150/ hr

Shibari Sessions

Ever wanted to explore the sensual art of shibari ? The world disappears as you feel the tension of the rope on your body as we explore opposing states of complete restriction and letting go. The connection and beautiful intimacy is what drives my passion. I have been learning rope in the Brisbane scene since 2015 and I love sharing the energy of transformation in a vessel of safety and connection.
Single sessions $200 per session

Relationship/ Dynamic Support

These sessions are designed to help you work through sexual issues, and relationship dynamics through a BDSM lens. I have been facilitating Mistress training for many years and I specialise in supporting people to embrace their inner desires and integrate them into relationships.
$150 per hour

Essence Flow Body Therapy

Based on tantric principles and somatic theory, this holistic therapy understands that our bodies can harbour both physical and emotional symptoms from past experiences. Traumatic or emotionally charged events can manifest as pain, tension, or symptoms like shortness of breath. Essence Flow Body Therapy addresses these stored tensions through touch, massage, and energy work. My approach alleviates physical discomfort and promotes emotional healing, guiding individuals towards a state of balance and renewed vitality. $200 per hour