Mistress Training

New to the Bdsm scene or interested in exploring a different side of yourself

I will be running an ongoing program working through the different aspects of the role and practical skills

If you are interested in lifestyle domination or Starting a career as a Professional Dominatrix my course will prepare you for both.

Part 1 : Introduction to BDSM and understanding your individual styles of Domination

In this section we will explore the basics of BDSM including

  • Consent , negotiation and informed risk aware consent
  • Safe play , keeping yourself and your submissive safe
  • Hard and soft limits , safe words
  • Mistress Archetypes, how do you define yourself
  • Lifestyle Domme , Pro Domme , All for fun
  • Chastity
  • Putting a scene together
  • How to work with different fetishes

Am I the right Mistress for you ?

Sometimes the idea of the perfect Mistress is layered in between fantasy and reality. It’s a risk and it’s good to find the right match. We all have different ways and we all have different needs. Trust is a big issue . It’s important to do you your research and not place your body and safety in the hands of anyone.

I have spent many years training with many amazing teachers. I’m not just a working girl that picked up a whip and calls herself a Professional. I am real and I love Bdsm. It’s a huge part of my every day life . If I’m not the right Mistress for you I am happy to give you referrals to someone that is . Happy searching