Mistress Training

New to the Bdsm scene or interested in exploring a different side of yourself

I will be running an ongoing program working through the different aspects of the role and practical skills

If you are interested in lifestyle domination or Starting a career as a Professional Dominatrix my course will prepare you for both.

Part 1 : Introduction to BDSM and understanding your individual styles of Domination

In this section we will explore the basics of BDSM including

  • Consent , negotiation and informed risk aware consent
  • Safe play , keeping yourself and your submissive safe
  • Hard and soft limits , safe words
  • Mistress Archetypes, how do you define yourself
  • Lifestyle Domme , Pro Domme , All for fun
  • Chastity
  • Putting a scene together
  • How to work with different fetishes

My Experience

This is an evolving document. It outlines my experience in the scene and as a Pro Domme . Get to know me better.

My first taste of BDSM was a huge moment in my life. I have always been very sexually open and never afraid to try something different. I was in a short term relationship in 2013 and I discovered a whole new side of myself. I think the Mistress was always in me but she was buried inside . I had no idea how big the kink scene was back then but when I opened that door my life truly began

The community …….

(coming soon)

Kinky Cosplay at no33

Last night I attended an event at no33. Such a fantastic night. Exploring the multiple sadistic uses of the electro stim in a scene with my submissive. Nothing that makes me happier than watching his knees buckle as the charge charges through the flesh of his hard cock

Am I the right Mistress for you ?

Sometimes the idea of the perfect Mistress is layered in between fantasy and reality. It’s a risk and it’s good to find the right match. We all have different ways and we all have different needs. Trust is a big issue . It’s important to do you your research and not place your body and safety in the hands of anyone.

I have spent many years training with many amazing teachers. I’m not just a working girl that picked up a whip and calls herself a Professional. I am real and I love Bdsm. It’s a huge part of my every day life . If I’m not the right Mistress for you I am happy to give you referrals to someone that is . Happy searching


It Begins

We had started this journey before. Stepping in and out. It was time to try again as it deepens our dynamic in so many ways.

We started on Sunday night after a fun weekend of kink parties and sub P being triple Dominated by three lovely ladies. Going into chastity isn’t easy especially if you know what you are missing, and he had a great weekend.

We start with the stretching process which lasted nearly a week. Changing the piercing up over a few days at a time so he could fit into the device. Tonight, was the night. It’s a moment for me, it makes it more tangible and real.

Watching him walk around with a chunk of mental hanging off his cock, knowing that everyday, no matter where he is there will be a constant reminder of his place and of who owns him.